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Welcome To Freedom Physical Therapy and Wellness In Elkhart, IN

We help those frustrated with their current physical status get back to doing the things they enjoy.

Is a pain or movement problem holding you back from doing what you love?

Imagine solving the problem of a nagging injury or pain that has been slowing you down for months or even years, over the next few weeks. What value would it bring to the rest of your life?

Our team at Freedom Physical Therapy and Wellness is here to make this a reality.

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Freedom Physical Therapy and Wellness

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Our Mission

We want to give you answers to your frustrations. 

Despite what you’ve been told, not everyone needs surgery or lifelong pain management. We have helped many others use conservative treatment to get back to their lives and we would like to help you too!

The Freedom Physical Therapy and Wellness 3-Step Process To Get You Back Doing What You Enjoy

Step 1:

Reduce Your Pain

We’ll take you through a comprehensive assessment and identify the cause of your problem. Then we’ll explain what must be done to get your symptoms under control.

Step 2:

Fix Your Problem Areas

We’ll develop a treatment plan that will be tailored specifically to you and your goals. This will ultimately allow us to get you stronger and on track to doing the things you want, more effectively and efficiently.

Step 3:

Maintain Your Freedom

After we treat your current symptoms, our focus will shift to optimizing your physical health and well-being, helping you reach (or even surpass) your individual goals.

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Freedom Physical Therapy and Wellness In Elkhart, IN

25+ 5-star reviews

Jerica J.

I had intense lower back pain that began about a year ago. I tried seeing a chiropractor, resting, stretching and laying flat on my back, but that wasn’t helping. It wasn’t until Freedom PT gave me 3 simple exercises to do consistently that I started to notice a shift & my pain was gone. Johnny didn’t just assign exercises – he looked into the details from all angles. I highly recommend him as he genuinely wants to see his patients healed, free and living life fully!

Joe W.

Had been having sporadic pain in my left hip, for over a year, no rhyme or reason. Medstat, a year ago thought it was a groin strain (even though I wasn’t having muscle pain). Flaired up real bad this last October. I have no insurance, and no desire to get run thru the modern medical machine. Had heard good things about Johnny , from some people I go to church with. Johnny did a few tests with me, and determined i had “joint derangement syndrome “. Gave me some exercises to do, with in a week the pain had diminished 75% ! Within a month, it was gone! Would highly recommend Johnny to anyone!
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Get to Know Dr. John DeVries

I am a physical therapist and the owner of Freedom Physical Therapy and Wellness. My initial interest in physical therapy began after a lumbar spine injury in high school. While I didn’t know it at the time, my physical therapy care was less than ideal and left me concerned about returning to some of the activities I loved.

After receiving my doctorate in physical therapy and practicing as a clinician for a few years, I became frustrated with the current physical therapy model. Unfortunately, insurance has forced therapists to be more concerned about billing than about the best care for the patient.

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