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Freedom PT and Wellness

Dr. John DeVries, PT, DPT

Owner and Founder of Freedom Physical Therapy and Wellness

I am a physical therapist and the owner of Freedom Physical Therapy and Wellness. My initial interest in physical therapy began after a lumbar spine injury in high school. While I didn’t know it at the time, my physical therapy care was less than ideal and left me concerned about returning to some of the activities I loved.

After receiving my doctorate in physical therapy and practicing as a clinician for a few years, I became frustrated with the current physical therapy model. Unfortunately, insurance has forced therapists to be more concerned about billing than about the best care for the patient.

I have sat in front of numerous clients, learning they received care for months at other therapy practices with almost no results. I have met people who believe they have exhausted their conservative options, aside from “just living with it.” I became so frustrated with the current practice model that I considered leaving the field of PT altogether. Just at that time, I realized patients were getting results with me after failing at other healthcare specialties, including physical therapy. This led to the idea of forming Freedom Physical Therapy and Wellness, so that people would have other options of care.

All that to say, my hope is that I can help you find answers to your frustrations. Not everyone needs surgery or lifelong pain management. With my knowledge of the body, I have found answers to my frustrations and I’m back to doing the things I enjoy. I’ve helped many others do the same and would like to help you too!

Gabby Miller

Patient Care Specialist

Gabby was born and raised in the Hoosier state and is currently living here with her husband, Rex. It wasn’t until the middle of her high school career that she had a passion for working in the sports medicine field. She always had a passion for helping others and seeing them thrive. Outside of the office she enjoys Crossfit, spending time with her husband, traveling the world together, and spending time with family and friends.

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