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Neck Pain and Headache

Do You Experience Challenges in Sleeping, Lifting Weights, Reaching Into Overhead Cabinets, Checking Over Your Shoulder While Driving, or Performing Your Routine Activities at Home or Work Due to Neck Pain and Headache?

Do These Situations Sound Familiar To You?

Our Goal Is To Assist You In Discovering Lasting Solutions.

We Address The Following Common Neck Disorders:

These Disorders Are Often Caused By:

The Approach Taken By Freedom Physical Therapy And Wellness Includes The Following:

1.Emphasis on proper neck and mid-back posture.

2.Reduction of upper neck muscle tension.

3. Improvement of chest and neck muscle flexibility.

4.Utilization of techniques such as manipulation, manual joint mobilization, and manual traction to enhance joint mobility.

5. Targeted strengthening of the muscles involved in neck and shoulder blade flexion.

6.Use of massage, instrument-assisted mobilization, and cupping to increase tissue mobility.

7. Specific nerve exercises to decrease nerve sensitivity, including numbness, tingling, and pain that extends down the arm.

8. Implementation of functional and plyometric exercises, such as throwing, catching, pushing, pulling, and pressing, to enhance overall physical abilities.

Here Are Some Important Facts To Keep In Mind:

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