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Why Freedom Physical Therapy and Wellness ?

At Freedom Physical Therapy, we treat our patients like family.

We take pride in the services we offer and care deeply about the success of every client.

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We have sat in front of numerous clients, learning they received care for months at other therapy practices with almost no results. We have met people who believe they have exhausted their conservative options, aside from “just living with it.” Probably like you, we are frustrated with the current healthcare model, which often leaves people with more questions than answers. We care about our patients and are dedicated to helping them find answers when no one else can. This is the mission of Freedom Physical Therapy and Wellness.

Our hope is that we can help you find answers to your frustrations. Not everyone needs surgery or lifelong pain management. With our knowledge of the body, we’ve helped many others find answers to their frustrations and would like to help you too!

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Freedom Physical Therapy and Wellness In Elkhart, IN

25+ 5-star reviews

- Rick F.

I had been struggling with an ankle issue for almost a year. I was just about to the point of undertaking reconstruction of my arch in my foot to try and alleviate the pain. That would have meant at least 4 months of recovery. I had went through physical therapy for an unrelated issue at OSMC a number of years ago and was very dissatisfied with the care and results. Coming into this I was skeptical. However, I was amazed that Johnny actually listened to what I was explaining was going on. He genuinely cared about seeing improvement, followed up outside of appointments, and developed a regimen that helped me address the underlying problems. Assisted in getting mobility back while settling up a plan for strengthening to prevent a reoccurring problem.

- Joe W.

Had been having sporadic pain in my left hip, for over a year, no rhyme or reason. Medstat, a year ago thought it was a groin strain (even though I wasn’t having muscle pain). Flaired up real bad this last October. I have no insurance, and no desire to get run thru the modern medical machine. Had heard good things about Johnny , from some people I go to church with. Johnny did a few tests with me, and determined i had “joint derangement syndrome “. Gave me some exercises to do, with in a week the pain had diminished 75% ! Within a month, it was gone! Would highly recommend Johnny to anyone!